Adelina Maria Madureira Ferreira

Adelina Maria Madureira Ferreira

  • Bachelor’s degree in interior design, 1988, IADE, Lisbon
  • Post-graduation in industrial design, 1989, IADE, Lisbon
  • Arts teacher
  • Realization of architectural projects
  • Equipment project development

António Batista Carvalho

António Batista Carvalho

  • Degree in History, 1983, University of Porto
  • Specialization in Conflict Management ,2012, Lusófona University
  • Specialization in School Administration, 2013 (Higher Institute of Education and Work)
  • Held several public positions, namely president of the parish council and president of the employment and professional training institute of Vila Real
  • Principal of a public school for 6 years
  • History teacher
  • Coordinator of the Citizenship and Development discipline
  • Participates in several ERASMUS projects

Anabela Ferreira Mota

Anabela Ferreira Mota

  • Degree in Geography, 1987, University of Porto
  • Geography teacher
  • Projects responsible
  • Participates in several ERASMUS projects

Ana Maria de Sousa Monteiro

Ana Maria de Sousa Monteiro

  • Degree in Physical Education, 1989, University of Porto
  • Specialization in School Administration, 2016, Porto Higher Education School
  • Physical Education teacher
  • Principal´s assistant
  • Participates in several ERASMUS projects

Ana Almeida

Ana Almeida is archaeologist with a master in Cultural Heritage Management, working at the Municipality of Esposende as coordinator of the Cultural Heritage Service and Interpretive Center of S. Lourenço (museum). Her research interests include archaeology and its interdisciplinary sciences, the presentation and the interpretation of cultural heritage – mainly our ancestor’s relationship with the territory (land and sea as resources) and its relationship with the present times, as well the informal and non-formal cultural education and also the preservation of cultural heritage – mainly land and underwater archaeology – integrating the work of volunteers, academic and the public.

Ana Margarida Silva

Ana Margarida Silva has a degree in Modern Languages of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra (FLUC). She was awarded with the Feijó Award, from Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra, in 2017 and the 3% Best Students Award, in the 2017/2018 school year, from the University of Coimbra.

In 2021, she completed the MA in Intercultural Studies for Business, where she acquired a reflective knowledge in the areas of culture, social sciences, entrepreneurship and business. She was awarded as the Best Student in the MA in Intercultural Studies for Business, in the school year of 2020/2021 from the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP) – Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.Porto). In 2021, she developed a curricular internship in the Association for the Integrated Development of the Mountain Villages Network (ADIRAM), basing her master thesis on the work developed in ADIRAM, about the importance of societal transformations in the face in mountainous territories and marginalized communities. In the same year, she became a researcher in the Center for Intercultural Studies (CEI, ISCAP-P.PORTO).

In 2022, she started the Doctoral Program in Estudios Culturales: Memoria, Identidad, Territorio y Lenguaje, at the University of Santiago de Compostela, with the dissertation entitled “The Identity and the Memory of the Cultural Territory of Serra da Estrela”, to understand the societal transformations of the territory in the face of social, political, economic, environmental changes.

In 2023, she became a member of the Cost Actions, CA21125 – A European forum for revitalisation of marginalised mountain areas (MARGISTAR) and CA21166 – Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience (SHiFT).

Inês Pires

Inês Pires, currently attending the Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies for Business at ISCAP-P.PORTO, has a degree in Translation and Business Advisory from the same institution.

As a Research Fellow since June 2022 at the Center for Intercultural Studies, she contributes to the Augmented Assessment project, funded under Erasmus+ KA 3, focused on assessing the knowledge of newly arrived migrant students in Science and Mathematics using augmented reality supported teaching materials, as well as to the Project Street Art CEI.
Her experience and research interests focus on performance, identity, culture and visual and digital practices. She has presented at international conferences on topics such as queer photography, augmented reality and inclusive intercultural education.

Luciana Oliveira

Luciana Oliveira is an associate professor at ISCAP Porto Accounting and Business School (P.Porto, Polytechnic of Porto). She holds an MSc in Multimedia, a PhD in Communication and is a certified trainer in educational technologies. For more than thirteen years she was responsible for the teacher/student training in e-learning and pedagogy as well as for the management of educational systems/platforms in ISCAP and in other educational providers/organizations. Has been involved in several Erasmus+ and EEA and Norway Grants Fund projects aimed at developing hard and soft skills in young adults and NEET youth employment. She is an active researcher in the field of technology-enhanced learning, both as an author and serves as a reviewer for conferences and journals. Has long-term experience in instructional, curriculum, learning and content design, as well as in youth and adult training.

Carina Cerqueira

PhD in Translation and Paratranslation, specialized in Cultural Translation (University of Vigo).
Degree and Master in Translation and Specialized Interpreting (ISCAP/P.PORTO).
Member of the scientific committee and researcher at the Center for Intercultural Studies (CEI/ISCAP); Coordinator of the research line ‘Intercultural Communication’ (CEI/ISCAP).
Researcher specialized in the area of Interculturality; Cultural Representation; Interpretation, Analysis and Referentiality of Art as a pedagogical space for Culturality; Intersemiotic Translation; Cultural Analysis in English Literature.
Adjunct Professor (ISCAP – P. PORTO). Lecturer in the area of Intercultural Studies Applied to Business; Lecturer of English Language; trainer of English Culture Applied to Business.

Clara Sarmento

Aggregation in Cultural Studies, University of Aveiro.
PhD in Portuguese Culture, MA in Anglo-American Studies, Graduate in Portuguese-English Studies, Porto University.
MA and PhD lecturer, supervisor and examiner in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Algeria.

Tenured Full Professor, ISCAP-Polytechnic University of Porto (P.PORTO).
Founder, director and researcher, CEI – Centre for Intercultural Studies, ISCAP-P.PORTO.
Founder and director of the MA in Intercultural Studies for Business, ISCAP-P.PORTO.
Two mandates as director of the MA in Specialized Translation and Interpreting, ISCAP-P.PORTO.
Member of the Advisory Board, ISCAP-P.PORTO and Porto Executive Academy.

Member of COST actions CA18126 “Writing Urban Places. New Narratives of the European City”, CA20105 “SlowMemo – Slow Memory: Transformative Practices for Times of Uneven and Accelerating Change”, and CA21166 “ShiFT, Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience”.
COST Action Independent External Expert.
Member of the “Community of Practice (CoP) on Science and Art in Education” (European Commission) and of the project “Cultural Studies: A Global History” (Bard College, University of Birmingham and Auburn University).
Founding member of the Portuguese Network for Cultural Studies and of ECREA Women’s Network.
Editorial advisor in Anthropology and Guest-Editor, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP), UK.
Guest-Editor, Anthropology and Ethnology Journal, Medwin Publishers.
Founder and director, E.REI – E.Journal of Intercultural Studies (SCOPUS).

Project manager: EnDent (2015-1-LV01-KA203-013401), Augmented Assessment (621517-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN), ENDING (2020-1-ES01-KA201-082232), TheRoute (SAICT-POL/23447/2016), StreetArtCEI, Street Art Against Covid, SciArt (2022-1-CY01-KA220-SCH-000086608).

Research and teaching areas: Cultural and Intercultural Studies; Gender and Feminist Studies; Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies; Portuguese and Anglo-American Literature and Culture; Ethnography; Literary Translation; Research Methodologies; Culture Applied to Business, Tourism and Development; Intercultural Communication; Graffiti and Street Art.

Distinctions: ‘American Club of Lisbon Award for Academic Merit’; CES Award for Young Social Scientists, U.COIMBRA; PRODEP III (EC) grant; ‘Meet our Authors Campaign’, ‘best-selling title on study of poetry’ and ‘book of the month-Social Sciences’, CSP, UK; 7 PAPRE (P.PORTO) awards for papers in high quality journals; Gardners’ (UK) ‘Author of the Month’, March 2020; Santander UNICOVID Award; Santander Grant Best Practices in Digital Education; jury of the ‘Seven Wonders of Portuguese Heritage’; March 2022 ‘International Impact Book Awards’; BookFest Fall 2022 #3 award in Business-Entrepreneurship; Espaço T ‘Interculturality Award 2022 – Education’; AMEEA Award 2023 ‘Education’.